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There are so many different recipes with beef to include in your meal planning. You can make beef the star of the dish with recipes like burgers, meatloaf, or even tacos. But you can also make beef the base for something bigger like a pasta sauce or a chili. The best part is, there are Crockpot recipes with beef and Instant Pot beef recipes that you can employ to make life easier. Instant Pot recipes will help you get the job done in a hurry. Pressure cooking helps things cook faster but also helps ingredients to meld together in a short period of time. You can toss together a stroganoff in no time at all with the help of an Instant Pot. Crockpots are a different story. We use them to let things cook low and slow. This is a great way to intensify the flavor of something while also not having to watch it the entire time it cooks. In fact, you can often toss the ingredients in the pot in the morning before you leave for work. Then, come home to a finished meal that just needs to be served. That is the beauty of Crockpot recipes. Ultimately, beef does very well in both an Instant Pot and a Crockpot. Recipes with beef can also cover many occasions. You can make almost any type of beef recipe you already know and love. But things will be easier on you and your schedule with the help of these kitchen appliances and the right recipes with beef.

Date Night Crockpot Recipes | Easy Crockpot Dinners

Date nights don’t happen every night; otherwise, they wouldn’t be special. But sometimes, we need a little help putting together the meal. We want it to be impressive, but we also don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen. Luckily, date night crockpot recipes can make a difference. Date night crockpot recipes can help …

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Instant Pot Chuck Roast Recipes that are not a Pot Roast

Chuck roast sounds like you are getting a bad cut of meat, one that was going to be chucked away. However, the chuck roast is actually part of the shoulder and is known to provide a rich beef flavor. You can also use Instant Pot chuck roast recipes that will enhance the flavor. Instant Pot …

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Healthy Instant Pot Recipes with Beef

Eating healthy is not always a viable option due to time. We can always try and find something healthy and quick, but that’s usually costly. The Instant Pot brings us another option, cooking healthy Instant Pot meals like healthy Instant Pot recipes with beef. The best healthy Instant Pot recipes with beef can help you …

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