A good meal comes with many dishes. You have the main dish, the side dishes, and dessert, but you also have appetizers. Balancing all of this can be difficult, especially if your main dish needs the oven but your appetizers needed the oven as well. Instead of relying on just the oven, why not turn to a crockpot or an Instant Pot? The best crockpot appetizer recipes can help you start cooking your appetizers before you even start cooking the main dish. The best Instant Pot appetizer recipes can help you put together easy last-minute appetizers quickly! We don’t always serve starters as they are intended. Sometimes, we use these recipes as crockpot snack recipes or Instant Pot snack ideas. We even use starters as party recipes that can be made in bulk to feed guests at any event. That makes easy appetizer recipes versatile and useful in many situations. There are also a variety of options to fit different diet plans. You can make vegan appetizer recipes, gluten free appetizer recipes, or just go all out with some meaty classics. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy but we often run into a timing issue. That is one reason why crockpot party recipes or Instant Pot party recipes are perfect for party planning. You can manipulate time however you want to make things easier. Use a crockpot if you want to start it earlier or an Instant Pot if you’re short on time. The possibilities are endless and made easier in a crockpot or Instant Pot.

There are certain recipes that you need to know in life and knowing how to make crockpot meatballs is one of them! This slow cooker meatballs recipe is perfect for parties and make for easy appetizers or a nice dinner at home. Crockpot Meatballs BBQ | Crockpot Meatballs Grape Jelly | Crockpot Meatballs Appetizer | Homemade Meatballs in Crockpot | Slow Cooker Meatballs in Tomato Sauce | Crockpot Italian Meatballs | Frozen Meatballs in Crockpot
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How to Make Crockpot Meatballs

Name something hearty, easy to make, crowd-pleasing and so versatile you can eat them on their own, over pasta, or in a sandwich. You guessed it. Meatballs. Crockpot meatballs to be exact. These crockpot Italian meatballs are made with a blend of ground beef and Italian sausage to give it a real Italian flair. […]

Halloween Slow Cooker Cider a Cup of Coffee with a Ghost in the Foam
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Halloween Slow Cooker Cider and Drink Recipes

Crockpots are mostly used for making dinners. It is so easy to pop the ingredients into your crockpot, set it, and go to work. But crockpot recipes range from breakfasts to dinner and everything in between. In fact, you can make crockpot drinks as well. The best time to start […]