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A good meal is made up of multiple parts. You have a starter, a main dish, and one or two side dishes. Some recipes transcend the norm, like soup, which can be used for any of those dishes. These easy and delicious Crock Pot soup recipes and Instant Pot soup recipes can open you up to a world of flavorful soups. Each recipe make meal planning easy and save you time in the kitchen!

Best Crockpot Mexican Soup Recipes

Homemade soups benefit significantly from a low and slow cooking method. The crockpot excels at low and slow, which is what makes it the perfect tool for making soups from scratch. You can get started making some fantastic crockpot Mexican soup recipes this week. The best crockpot Mexican soup recipes are perfect for trying your …

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Instant Pot White Chicken Chili Recipes

Instant Pot white chicken chili recipes are entirely different spins on chili. There are plenty of differences in each recipe that makes the two chilis wildly different. That means you could have chili one night and then white chicken chili the next, and it will be two entirely different meals. The best Instant Pot white …

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