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The best pasta recipes make it easier to cook pasta perfectly al dente. You can achieve that every time when you use Crockpot pasta recipes and Instant Pot pasta recipes. You can explore the world of pasta and impress even yourself with how delicious each recipe turns out.

Easy Crockpot Chicken Pasta Recipes

Have you ever thought about just how many ways there are to flavor and cook chicken? What about the pasta possibilities? Now, we can combine the two and get even more possibilities. Toss in a crockpot, and we have some pretty amazing crockpot chicken pasta recipes. Crockpot chicken pasta recipes are perfect for date night …

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Instant Pot Sausage and Potatoes Recipes

Bangers are sausages and mash are nothing more than mashed potatoes. This is a popular dish because the sausage pairs well with the potatoes. However, you do not need to make mashed potatoes to get a similar flavor. Instead, you can use Instant Pot sausage and potatoes recipes. There is a well-known dish that originated …

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Easy Crock Pot Mac and Cheese Recipes

We’re not talking out of the box, macaroni cheese although hey, that’s not bad in a pinch. But creamy, velvety homemade cheese sauce covering tender macaroni. That’s the stuff of great family dinners and potluck gatherings everywhere. Things get even more interesting when you throw around the idea of Crock Pot mac and cheese recipes. Is there …

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