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What is your favorite soup recipe? Soups are one of those types of foods that everyone has had before in their lives. That’s because soups cover a wide array of tastes. You can enjoy something meaty or something vegetarian, and both are considered healthy. But there are also numerous ways to make soup at home. We all know the canned options are the easiest. You simply open the can, heat it up, and enjoy a soup. But these soups won’t pack as much flavor as a soup you make from scratch. That leaves us with a few different options. You can make a soup on the stove by simmering the ingredients for hours on end. But you can also allow your soup to simmer in a Crockpot with some Crockpot soup recipes. The Crockpot allows the flavors of the soup you’re making to meld together into something truly unique. The Crockpot also makes cooking soup from scratch easier since you can set it, go about your day, and come home to a soup that is hot and filled with flavor. The Instant Pot takes a different approach. You can make Instant Pot soup recipes that are just as filled with flavor as Crockpot soups. However, the cooking time will be much shorter. That short cooking time is due to the combination of pressure and heat. Like Crockpot soups, instant Pot soups can be meaty or filled with vegetables. You can even put the soups in cans at home and save them for when you need them. It will be like your own brand of canned soups that are made with natural ingredients, fewer preservatives, and a lot more health value.

Best Crockpot Mexican Soup Recipes

Homemade soups benefit significantly from a low and slow cooking method. The crockpot excels at low and slow, which is what makes it the perfect tool for making soups from scratch. You can get started making some fantastic crockpot Mexican soup recipes this week. The best crockpot Mexican soup recipes are perfect for trying your …

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Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipes

You can find about any soup in creamy form but the soup that might benefit the most from creaminess is chicken tortilla soup. In fact, slow cooker creamy chicken tortilla soup recipes highlight that excellence. It is almost as easy to make slow cooker creamy chicken tortilla soup recipes than it is to open a …

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Instant Pot Pepper Soup Recipes | Vegetarian Friendly Options

You can enjoy almost any type of soup, homemade with your Instant Pot. In fact, Instant Pot pepper soup recipes are a good place to start. However, there are a few things you should know before making any type of soup in your Instant Pot. Instant Pot pepper soup recipes take the delicious, healthy bell pepper …

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