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There isn’t just one Instant Pot soup recipe to try out. Instead, there are tons of soup recipes that are perfect for the Instant Pot. These soups come out just as well as if you made them on the stove top, but in half the time. In fact, you can really dive into Instant Pot soup recipe after recipe after recipe and start canning your own soups! The Instant Pot was designed to help save you time in the kitchen and open us up to a world of new cooking methods. That idea gets even better with make ahead recipes like soups. Soups are easily frozen or canned and can be used for stock piling meals to save even more time when you need it the most. You can make a soup, portion it out, and freeze it immediately. Then throughout the month you could reach for one of the soups on your way out of the door or just pop it in a microwave when you don’t feel like cooking. Saving time is something we all want to do more often, and a great soup recipe can do that two-fold. There are also plenty of soup recipes to choose from. You can easily make a meaty, hearty soup in an Instant Pot. But you can also make a vegetarian soup if you’d like. That’s the real beauty of cooking an Instant Pot soup recipe; there are endless options available. Make soups as gifts or be the friend that brings the sick friend a soup when they are feeling ill. Whatever you want to do with your soups, it’s all up to you.

Instant Pot White Chicken Chili Recipes

Instant Pot white chicken chili recipes are entirely different spins on chili. There are plenty of differences in each recipe that makes the two chilis wildly different. That means you could have chili one night and then white chicken chili the next, and it will be two entirely different meals. The best Instant Pot white …

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Beanless Instant Pot Ketogenic Chili Recipe

Chili is an easy dish to make. There are many different recipes that have different results. For example, you could make a vegetarian chili or a spicy chili. You could make a chili filled with meats or one with just beans. You can even make a beanless Instant Pot ketogenic chili that tastes great, is …

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