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Crockpots and Instant Pots are used to make many diverse types of food. But there is one aspect of a meal that can be enhanced with these appliances: dessert. Crock pot desserts and Instant Pot desserts are among the best treat recipes out there. Desserts come in many assorted flavors with many distinct types. However, there are some that are more popular than others. The question is, which would you choose to make? You can make cakes, pastries, dessert casseroles, and so much more. Crockpot dessert recipes are ones that take a little more time but are worth the wait. Dump cakes are very popular crockpot recipes and can be made in assorted flavors like pumpkin spice dump cakes or chocolate dump cakes. Instant Pots are capable of making yogurts as well as other desserts like lave cake, or even cheesecake! No more going to the Cheesecake Factory just for a slice. You can make your very own at home. In fact, you can make a different cheesecake every week! The best part is, the crockpot and Instant Pot will make cooking these desserts easier than ever. That is what crockpots and Instant Pots were designed to do, make cooking easier. You don’t need to be a pro chef to utilize these cooking methods, you also don’t need to have all of the time in the world. You just need the right recipes and one of these appliances to start eating home cooked food more often.

Best Crockpot Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving is both loved and feared; loved by those who aren’t spending the day in the kitchen and feared by those in the kitchen. Cooking this meal for an entire family is not always easy, let alone dessert. But the best crockpot Thanksgiving desserts can make things easier. Crockpot Thanksgiving desserts can help make cooking …

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Crockpot Monkey Bread Recipes with Canned Cinnamon Rolls

There isn’t just one way to make crockpot monkey bread recipes with canned cinnamon rolls. There is a variety of crockpot monkey bread recipes with canned cinnamon rolls that you can make as a crockpot breakfast or a slow cooker dessert. You can be excused for thinking that monkey bread is just a cinnamon roll …

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