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Instant Pot side dish recipes are perfect for beginner users to try first. Side dishes are often easier to make and can help you learn the functions of your Instant Pot before you get started with cooking main dishes. However, that doesn’t mean these side dishes aren’t amazing recipes for everyone to enjoy. There are just as many Instant Pot side dishes as there are other types of recipes. That means there is something for everyone. Side dishes often get thrown together as we cook the main dish. However, the Instant Pot allows us to actually plan a good side dish since they can be made so easily. The Instant Pot is capable of helping you bring an entire meal together, even for special occasions. You can make holiday side dishes, side dishes for birthday parties, anniversaries, or any occasion. There are also healthy recipes to choose from if you are trying to lose weight or just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. The possibilities are endless and new Instant Pot recipes are being figured out all of the time. That makes an Instant Pot not only a cooking gadget but an investment. That investment is in your health, your diet, and your overall life in the kitchen.

Instant Pot Spanish Rice vs Mexican Rice – What is the Difference

Instant Pot Spanish rice is delicious, but you may find it challenging to find recipes on the internet. Authenticity is the key, especially when talking about recipes from another country or culture. That brings us to Instant Pot Spanish rice vs Mexican rice; what exactly is the difference? Instant Pot Spanish rice vs Mexican rice, …

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