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Instant Pots are the perfect solution to making pasta at home and it being perfectly al dente every time. The Instant Pot changes everything we know about cooking pasta at home and makes pasta a more enjoyable and even easier recipe to complete. There is no need to drain any water, pasta truly becomes a one pot dish, the starch even stays in the pot which will help thicken any sauce you add to the pasta when it is done. However, there is a bit of a formula to ensure your Instant Pot pasta recipes come out perfectly al dente every single time. Take the cooking time on the pasta package and round down to the nearest even number. Divide that number in half and subtract two minutes, that’s your cook time. That means a package of pasta that normally takes 7 minutes to cook will now only take one minute. You can even set your Instant Pot to zero and it will create the pressure and release. Believe it or not, this method actually works if the pasta cook time ends up being less than 1 minute. That is the beauty of cooking Instant Pot pasta recipes. You could have a complete pasta meal ready to go in under ten minutes. The meal will not be like a frozen dish or a cup of ramen. Instead, it will taste as if you made it the same way it has been made for decades. Anyone who makes Instant Pot pasta recipes can vouch for how amazing these recipes truly are and how enjoyable they are to eat.

Instant Pot Sausage and Potatoes Recipes

Bangers are sausages and mash are nothing more than mashed potatoes. This is a popular dish because the sausage pairs well with the potatoes. However, you do not need to make mashed potatoes to get a similar flavor. Instead, you can use Instant Pot sausage and potatoes recipes. There is a well-known dish that originated …

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