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Holiday Instant Pot Recipes | The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you’re planning to host a gathering for family and friends. There are many aspects of a holiday meal that need to be exactly right. But that means frantically trying to get your drinks prepared, appetizers ready, and get the main dishes started as well as sides. Luckily, there are holiday Instant Pot recipes that can help. Instant Pots can usually cut down the cooking time for just about anything. You can also keep moving while the Instant Pot cooks because you won’t need to monitor the appliance while it does its job. That is one of the biggest benefits of holiday Instant Pot recipes. The fact that you can set it while you focus on cooking other things or decorating for the event. You can also cook multiple things in one Instant Pot since the time is cut down on most recipes. People often like to use Instant Pots for side dishes which is another great idea. You can have the ham or turkey cooking in the oven, a side or two on the stove top, and then another side in the Instant Pot. Complete the first side and then toss in another, cook up some drinks, or start dessert. This means your holiday meals will be easier to put together, you won’t be running around the kitchen, and you can cook some amazing dishes. Each of these recipes will provide you with a delicious meal that is filled with flavor.

Top Valentines Day Dinner Instant Pot Recipes

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing time with the person we love. We can do whatever we’d like with that time. The most popular way to spend Valentine’s Day together is over a shared meal. You can use Valentines day dinner Instant Pot recipes to make the meal even better. Sharing recipes for two during …

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Easy Instant Pot Thanksgiving Appetizers

There are so many different things we need to cook for Thanksgiving. We can delegate some dishes, but hosts are expected to do the heavy lifting. Easy Instant Pot Thanksgiving appetizers can help make things a bit easier for hosts around the country. There are only a few Thanksgiving recipes that we can consider to …

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Instant Pot Halloween Party Recipes

Hosting any type of party can be a real headache. We need to send out invites, decorate, make some playlists, and cook enough for everyone. Halloween parties are no different. However, we can use specific recipes to make things easier, like Instant Pot Halloween party recipes. Instant Pot Halloween party recipes will help make cooking …

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30+ Easy Instant Pot Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving dinners take a lot of effort to pull off from the appetizers to the dessert and everything in between. The Instant Pot can be an immense help for this special meal. In fact, there are plenty of Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes that will help keep your kitchen a bit calmer during the holiday. Instant …

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Easy Instant Pot Halloween Recipes for a Spooky Night

We get spooky with our décor, music, and even food during the Halloween season. It’s fun to get creepy in the kitchen but it can require a bit more work than usual. Luckily, we can implement our Instant Pots into the mix for some easy Instant Pot Halloween recipes that are perfect for a spooky …

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