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Crockpots make life easier by allowing us to organize our time in new ways. We can usually fill a Crockpot with ingredients, turn it on, and go about our days. We return to a meal that is ready to eat and delicious. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for us all. We are busy running around getting parties together, buying gifts, celebrating with family and friends, and just living our best holiday lives. There isn’t much time for cooking, even though food is a big part of the holidays. That means cooking is the only thing that is happening during the holiday season that can’t be removed from our schedules. Holiday Crockpot recipes are here to save the day. These recipes are filled with holiday cheer, no matter which holiday you celebrate. The recipes will still save you time, just like any other time of year. However, that time is far more valuable during the holiday season. Holiday Crockpot recipes also produce the same, traditional recipes you’re more familiar with cooking, but removes the standing and stirring from the equation. That means you can set your recipe to start cooking, get some shopping done, say hi to some friends, and pick the kids up from school all while the food is cooking. You can even utilize your holiday Crockpot recipes to help you host holiday parties as well. The Crockpot is one of the most important tools to have around the house during the holiday season and everyone should be using one. Especially if your goal is to get through the holidays unscathed.

Crockpot Little Smokies with Grape Jelly and BBQ Sauce

Crockpots can make many different things, from full-on dinners to drinks. One thing we don’t often consider making in a crockpot but should do more often is snacks. The best crockpot snack recipe to start with is the crockpot little smokies with grape jelly and BBQ sauce recipe. There are plenty of crockpot little smokies …

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Romantic Crockpot Meals for Valentines Day

Getting romantic for Valentine’s Day is pretty much mandatory. The way you express that romance is entirely up to you and your partner. However, one aspect of the romantic evening usually involves food. You will need some romantic crockpot meals for Valentines Day to help. Romantic crockpot meals for Valentines Day are the easiest Valentines …

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Crockpot Candy Recipes | Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes

We delve into recipes from the internet all of the time, but candy seems untouchable. We can make a fantastic chicken dinner, but dare we make bite-sized chocolate? The answer is yes! We can use crockpot candy recipes for a delicious holiday treat. Crockpot candy recipes are perfect holiday slow cooker recipes we can use …

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Best Crockpot Holiday Appetizers

The holiday season means cooking for a crowd multiple times throughout the season. But cooking that much food can get exhausting. It is important to delegate specific dishes to help make things easier. For example, you can use crockpot holiday appetizers to save energy. Crockpot holiday appetizers can make hosting holiday parties easier and pair …

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Best Crockpot Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving is both loved and feared; loved by those who aren’t spending the day in the kitchen and feared by those in the kitchen. Cooking this meal for an entire family is not always easy, let alone dessert. But the best crockpot Thanksgiving desserts can make things easier. Crockpot Thanksgiving desserts can help make cooking …

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Crockpot Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipe

Everyone has their own holiday traditions, but Thanksgiving has more than a few traditions that we all follow. Cooking a turkey and sharing it with loved ones is one of them. But what do we do with the leftovers? A crockpot leftover turkey casserole recipe is what we need. A Crockpot leftover turkey casserole recipe …

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