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Instant Pot Refried Beans Recipes Assorted Beans in a Bowl with Cilantro
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Instant Pot Refried Beans Recipes

As a general rule, homemade meals or made from scratch anything is better than something store-bought, canned, or frozen. This is true for a staple like refried beans as well. Homemade refried beans can be a thing of delicious, creamy beauty. There are even secret family recipes with ingredients that nobody will […]

Our Instant Pot goulash recipe with beef takes a family favorite recipe and makes it easier to make while bringing out rich and delicious flavors. Goulash with Corn | Old Fashioned Goulash Recipe | Goulash Macaroni Recipe | Cheesy Instant Pot Goulash | Instant Pot Casserole Recipe | Instant Pot Macaroni Recipe
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Instant Pot Goulash Recipe with Beef

Goulash is a dish that doesn’t sound appealing, especially if you don’t know what it is. Simply put, goulash is a macaroni and cheese sort of dish with meat and veggies tossed in. The consistency is more soup-like but also not as soup-like as in chicken noodle soup. The pictures […]

Instant Pot bread recipes make cooking bread at home and enjoying freshly made bread so much easier to do on a weekly basis. White Bread Recipes | Simple Quick Bread Recipe | French Bread Recipe | Artisan Bread Recipe | Italian Bread Recipes | Different Types of Bread Recipes
Instant Pot Recipes, Side Dish

Easy Instant Pot Bread Recipes

If you have been considering baking your own bread, but the process seems pretty daunting, maybe it’s time to consider enlisting the help of your Instant Pot. You probably already use your Instant Pot a few (or more) times each week for dinners and meal prep but never considered baking bread. Luckily, […]